The future of GOPERFORM and Racing...


  • For a start we had the lovely English weather, heavy rain and freezing for qualifying. By the end of the day we had a sun tan. Only in England.
  • The GOPERFORM – AUTOTRONIX had an average if not poor qualifying session. Due to the weather not the drivers.
  • We had a great couple of hours in the pit lane with all the other teams. Everyone having a laugh but working hard ready for the race. The question on everyone's mind - will it be wet or dry?
  • The next generation of the GOPERFORM team standing by the GOPERFORM – AUTOTRONIX MX5 Race Car listing to every word. The future is in safe hands. The passion for speed, performance and winning is there for all to see. Jordan and Bradley loving every minute.
  • After a very hard and exciting race, the GOPERFORM - AUTOTRONIX Team drivers, Clive and Ricky come in a brilliant 2nd in class. A great end to a wonderful 750 Motor Club Race Day event at Donnington Park.
  • GOPERFORM – AUTOTRONIX love Motorsport.