MX5 Owners Club, Blyton June '15

A Very Proud Day for GOPERFORM – We received an invite from the MX5 Owners Club to Blyton in June.

This was a very important day for us at GOPERFORM. The MX5 Owners Club is a very passionate Owners Club - it really does have a cult following, Their passion is matched by all of the team of GOPERFORM.

We had a major choice to make however, visit without out exhibition equipment which was undertaking a respray - or not to attend, We wanted to there so much that even though we could not display our products in our usual professional wayfor this amazing Owners Club, we still wanted to show our new MX5 Exhaust System to the passionate MX5 Owners and Fans. It must be said we had a really brilliant day with the members of this truly passionate Owners Cub.

THE MX5 OWNERS CLUB shares the same passion as our GOPERFORM Team.

We would like to thank the following people for all their help and really support at our 1st Owners Club event:

  • Clive at Autotronix Development
  • Paul at Roddison Motorsport.